my first instinct was “bring on the hilarious lost-his-powers fic!!!” thinking about derek having to handle burning his tongue and getting paper cuts and twisting his ankle and shit for the first time

but then i remembered that derek hale has always been so proud, always loved being a werewolf, even with all the tragedy it brought him he never questioned what he was, never questioned that scott should be proud of it, that it was what he was meant to be and that he loved it and saw it as an inseparable part of his identity and now i’m REALLY sad and EXTREMELY worried about derek hale JUST LEAVE THE POOR DUDE ALONE HE’S DOING HIS BEST


Look y’all, I’m not in Teen Wolf fandom anymore, I cop to that. BUT THIS is a total shit show. 

Fandom belongs to FANS and should not EVER be on a website that the powers that be create for their own purposes or in the control of a corporate sponsor (.mtv is not cute). Placing work on the website, ADMITTING to the desire to move fandom into an area where they have more control and removing the interaction fans have with each other to a space in which 1. you don’t hold the rights to your work and standards are set not by the community but the powers that be and 2. you’re removed from the traditions of fanspace is totally gross and inappropriate on their part. They aren’t the first ones to try this bullshit either, they’re just cloaking it in different words.

Please don’t fall for this and if you DO and are curious about it please carefully read the TOS for the site you are signing up for and learn about how they can and will use your content for profit in the future. Protect yourself, protect your community. Ultimately, it’s your choice but it should always be YOUR choice and YOUR experience and YOUR fandom. Bringing it out of the realm of fans, where you didn’t create the website, you didn’t make the rules, you can’t do whatever the fuck you want, is not okay. It’s not what fandom is about. Teen Wolf PTB aren’t PART of fandom. You are.

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Teen Wolf Season 5


Episode 1: Derek adopts a cat
Episode 2: Derek and Scott go to Ikea
Episode 3: Isaac tries to bake cookies
Episode 4: Lydia and Allison go to the spa
Episode 5: Stiles sleeps for 13 hours and dreams of rainbows
Episode 6: Scott and Kira go to a carnival
Episode 7: Melissa and the Sheriff take a day off to marathon Star Wars
Episode 8: Deputy Parrish eats a salad and goes for a run
Episode 9: Scott and Stiles play video games for 24 straight hours
Episode 10: Peter Hale leaves and never comes back
Episode 11:McCall Pack Beach Holiday Part 1
Episode 12: McCall Pack Beach Holiday Part 2